a dog makes for pretty much the perfect subject for candid photography. your dog doesn't care if he's having a bad fur day or give a whit about the drool on the corner of his mouth. whether she's being cute, disgusting or hilarious, she'll happily let you take a snap and even mug for you... and won't even have to fill out model release form.

throw in a dog park and a collection of other dogs for your pooch to interact with and you get endless variety. some dogs pounce, some chase, some race along the fence goading the german shepard on the other side. forget cable reality shows -- this is where the action is.

this site is the culmination of thousands of photos i have taken of my dog tater and his friends, both at the local dog park and around town. whether your dog is here or not i hope you enjoy what you find.

smugmug, the service which hosts these photos, offers prints if you'd like to buy some. i've used them in the past and found them to be reasonably priced and they come out pretty good. you can also download the full-sized photos if you'd rather print them at costco or whatever. please note that i consider this strictly a hobby -- i don't make any money from photography nor do i care to. the last thing i want is to take a fun, rewarding past time and turn it into a job.

if you're looking for your own dog, you can find him or her using the "find your dog" link above. Please let me know if your dog isn't in the index or if i've mislabeled the pooch -- dogs don't exactly hand out business cards when they go butt-sniffing so i'm usually left with what i overhear.